Research Projects

Project 1 : Developing an Electronic dictionary for Sangam Literature   New

Team size : 2

Developer : University Grants Commission, New Delhi

Platform : VB.Net.

Responsibility : Developing Database for accessing the meaning and grammatical information of the Sangam Tamil.

Project 2 : Developing Corpus for Tamil language

Team size : 3

Developer : Central Institute of Classical Tamil, Chennai

Platform : VB.Net, C, C++

Responsibility : Developing Tagged corpus for Tamil, Grammar rules and Thesaurus for the Tamil Language. (ii)Web based terms dictionary for Classical Tamil

Project 3 : Development of Digital TV for Hotel Industries

Team size : 10

Developer : NEOS Digital (India) Private Limited

Platform : VB.Net, C, C++

Responsibility : Helped to Design, Develop Digital TV's for Hotel Industries. Reviewing the Design document, SRS, Implementing quality process .Writing Test Plan and Test cases for the product.

Project 4 : Developed the Lexicon and grammar rules for an automatic Text-to-Speech conversion system for English spoken in India.

Client : Speech and Software Technology (India) Pvt. Limited

Team size : 2

Responsibility : Development of the lexicon, grammar rules and then performs system testing and other functional testing, including tests on voice intelligibility, naturalness and prosodic continuity.

Description : Text-to-Speech conversion systems convert unrestricted text into natural sounding speech for automated telephony based applications such as email Readers, telephone-based Internet browsers (Voice Browsers), desktop news / email readers etc.

Project 5 : English to Tamil Machine Translation System

Team size : 6

Client : Vinay Computers Private Limited

Developer : Apt solutions Private Limited, Coimbatore

Platform : Java, Microsoft Access 7.2

Responsibility :Helped to Design, Develop English to Tamil Machine Translation System.

Description : : This product will translate the English sentences into Tamil sentences using a unique linguistic technique. It has a Computational system and Bilingual Dictionary (English, Tamil)

Project 6 : Lexical Resources for Indian Languages

Team size : 6

Project Sponsor : Department of Electronics, New Delhi

Developer : Central Institute of Indian Languages, Mysore

Platform : C, C++

Responsibility : Helped to Design, Develop Lexical Resources for Tamil Language